Little Habits.png

”Little Habits”

Habit Tracker App for IOS

Student Team:

Instructor: Snezana Dragusev

School: Iron Hack

Course: Ux / Ui

Tools: Figma

Year: 2023

Timeline: 2 weeks

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User Experience

User Interface


Project Overview:

🔧Task for this project

Investigate how technology can be used to help people live healthier lives

🏢The Client

The Daily Health Conference is a fictional client for this project provided by Iron Hack, the client is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting health and wellness through impactful public talks, participatory workshops, and professional training all over the world.


Recently they have seen a substantial ⬇️ drop in memberships.

Now the Daily Health Conference wants to find a way to offer more value to its members. To do this, they have decided to focus on creating a set of digital mobile apps for their members

📉How can we fail?

If the app designed does not attract a significant number of users, or does not increase attention and memberships for the client, then the product would be considered a failure.